Game Time Cards & Collectibles Inc.


Card Grading

  • Mint/Near Mint : Perfect Condition or a very minor factory imperfection.
  • Excellent (EX): Very Slight Scratches or minor imperfections around the corners.
  • Light Play (LP): Small minor creases or small stress marks on the card. Card will show light wear on the outside edges. Card has seen some light play.
  • Played (P): Can have a crease that is no more than half the card. Will have scratches. If card has small water damage it will be P. Card will definitely still be playable in sleeves. Card has been played with.
  • Heavy Play (HP): Just like it says. There will be significant damage on the card. Bends, scratches, creases, very heavy corner and edge wear. Card will still be able to be played in sleeves. Card has been heavily played with.